Fleet Foxes' "Can I Believe You" Video Is All About Trust

Watch a colourful clip for the band's 'Shore' song now
Fleet Foxes' 'Can I Believe You' Video Is All About Trust
After sharing new album Shore last month, Fleet Foxes have shared a new music video for "Can I Believe You."

The colourful visuals were directed by frontman Robin Pecknold's brother, Sean Pecknold, with art direction and production design by Adi Goodrich. In a statement, director Pecknold shares that the film is "an interpretation of what trust (or the uncertainty of it) feels like as two characters journey towards one another through a pulsating world."

Stars Jade-Lorna Sullivan and Jean Charles have also played the lead in a pair of other Pecknold-directed Fleet Foxes videos, appearing in clips for "Fool's Errand" and  "I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint Scar," respectively.

"This film also reflects the frustration and lack of human connection brought to all of us during the pandemic of 2020," Pecknold added. "Our dedicated film crew worked hard to bring this to life and we hope you find metaphors in it you can relate to as you listen to the music and watch the film. As always, Adi Goodrich and I loved bringing Robin's songs to life with mesmerizing visuals."

Read Exclaim!'s interview with Robin Pecknold. Fleet Foxes recently contributed a live track to a compilation of Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy.