ML Buch Continues to Defy Description on "Well bucket" and "Working it out" Exclaim! Staff Picks

ML Buch Continues to Defy Description on 'Well bucket' and 'Working it out'  Exclaim! Staff Picks
You know an artist is striking previously unstruck nerves when any attempts to contextualize their music lands you on descriptions like "middle-period Joni Mitchell covering Talk Talk and run through a computer made of jelly." Attempting to classify ML Buch's music usually leads me to these goofy dead ends, so I've largely stopped trying. Instead, I just let myself get lost in the Danish songwriter, producer and composer's alternate realities — I find myself pressing from inside a dew drop, crawling up the bank of a dusty sunbeam, hanging from the belly of a cloud over warm waters.

Buch's new songs — the latest tastes of her forthcoming sophomore record Suntub, arriving October 27 on 15 love — find Buch twisting from the gelatinous shapes and soft electronic tones of earlier single "Somewhere" or debut record Skinned and toward the dreamworld rock music of a song like "Fleshless hand." An uncomplicated, spattered guitar riff and Buch's layered voice shift atop a simple beat on "Well bucket," while "Working it out" is a meditative smear of watercolour, just Buch and her singular guitar sparring in the haze. So little music feels genuinely new — ML Buch is playing herself into the future. 

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