Ex Hex "Hot and Cold" (video)

Ex Hex 'Hot and Cold' (video)
Despite Chain & the Gang singer Ian Svenonius once being crowned the "Sassiest Boy in America," Ex Hex leader Mary Timony finds the dude a bit of a snooze on a failed dinner date, which we're let in on via the new video for her group's "Hot and Cold."

While at first it appears as if things are running smoothly, some stilted conversation leads to Timony bringing out her band pals to pour ranch dressing all over a finely cooked, pineapple-adorned ham. Later, they shut Svenonius out of the party altogether when they bust out a pizza pie.

The video shifts back and forth between a food fight in a ritzy restaurant, and shots of the group getting through the "Crimson and Clover"-styled piece of guitar pop with the help of some groceries. It turns out a couple of pieces of celery make a fine substitution for an all-wood pair of Zildjian sticks.

"Hot and Cold" is from the group's recently released 7-inch, while details on an upcoming full-length for Merge Records have yet to be unveiled.