Ex Hex "All Kindsa Girls" (The Real Kids cover)

Ex Hex 'All Kindsa Girls' (The Real Kids cover)
Just under a year on from the release of Ex Hex's debut LP, Mary Timony and the rest of the crew have ripped out a new cover of vintage 70s act the Real Kids' "All Kindsa Girls." Fittingly enough, it's all kindsa fun, and you can check it out online right now.

Though originally delivered by the Real Kids in 1977, this latest Ex Hex track fits the modern band's m.o. of crunchy-but-candy-sweet pop-rock. Throughout, hot rod six-string licks and peel-out percussion are burning behind Timony's lines about heading to the square with a Green Line girl, or just chilling out for a night of TV with a Northside swinger.

You can get the full run-down of the action via the player below.