Ex-Mumford & Sons Banjoist Bemoans Music Industry as a Progressive "Echo Chamber" on Conservative Echo Chamber Fox News

Winston Marshall drew criticism in 2021 for his support of Andy Ngo, which he thinks was "completely insane, really"
Ex-Mumford & Sons Banjoist Bemoans Music Industry as a Progressive 'Echo Chamber' on Conservative Echo Chamber Fox News
Even though Marcus Mumford has been solo without his Sons lately, they somehow keep coming back into our lives. Well, one in particular. Former Mumford & Sons banjoist/guitarist and current conservative blogger/podcast host Winston Marshall joined forces with right-wing pundit Tucker Carlson for a Fox News interview about his experience being condemned for supporting anti-Antifa journalist Andy Ngo — and how the music industry is an "echo chamber" controlled by progressives.

Back in 2021, Marshall initially apologized amid the backlash for tweeting his praise for Ngo's book, Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, and said he was taking some time away from the band to reflect. He proceeded to step down, blaming cancel culture for forcing his exit and claiming that his politics were "damaging for the brand" of the stomp-clap-hey group. Now the musician is free to "live in the truth" and feels "liberated" to celebrate his views on Fox News, as one does.

In a segment the network has titled "Former Mumford & Sons band member discusses being canceled by woke mob" on YouTube, Marshall chatted with Carlson, who seems to be a fan of his more recent work.

"I remember thinking that was one of the most unreasonable attacks on anybody I've ever seen in my life," the host said of the musician being raked through the coals last year.

"Reflecting now, 18 months later, [it] was completely insane, really," Marshall agreed. "I read a book."

He continued, "I had Antifa online activists changing my Wikipedia page from 'Winston Marshall is a banjo player' to 'Winston Marshall is a fascist.' Not only is that ludicrous, but doubly ludicrous given that fascists actually slaughtered 13 members of my family in the Holocaust."

As for his thoughts on the industry he left, Marshall claimed the music business is suffering from suppression. "The music industry is a very small industry, and I would say that — it's not entirely clear to me whether there is a chokehold by progressives on the industry, or whether there's a minority of progressives that have a chokehold on the majority. That's not entirely clear," he explained. "But there's certainly a lot of self-censorship going on." He added, "There's professional and social repercussions if you do speak the truth, and that's a serious issue."

"When it comes to the business side, some of them are scared to say the truth, and others believe — and many are progressive as well, so there's a real split there," Marshall concluded. "And when I say 'believe,' I mean they believe in those progressive ideas and those ideologies and they're part of the echo chamber."

He's clearly moved on to the next echo chamber.

You can watch the interview below.