Every Time I Die "I Suck (Blood)" (video)

Every Time I Die 'I Suck (Blood)' (video)
Buffalo, NY metalcore makers Every Time I Die tackle some sexual taboos in their new vid for Ex Lives number "I Suck (Blood)." The clip kicks off with a plenty pervy dude stalking a young woman, filming candid moments from afar, and eventually breaking into the girl's house to sniff panties and pilfer personal pictures.

At first, understandably, the woman is quite upset by the invasion of privacy, and gets consoled by some friends, but she flips the script mid-clip. Shedding herself of the victim role, she begins seeking out her predator, approaching him on trails, changing room stalls, and in rainy alleyways with a hunger of her own. For the record, the dude is not cool with dealing with the woman without a camera's eye in front of him.

It's a discussion piece for sure, and brings up several issues surrounding the complexities of voyeurism and sexual politics. Might we suggest, however, that this isn't the safest or even a legal way to meet someone new.