Drake's 'Certified Lover Boy' Rollout Continues with Cryptic Toronto Billboards

Digital ads featuring 'CLB' lyrics appeared around Toronto while Drake's crew members handed out merch
Drake's 'Certified Lover Boy' Rollout Continues with Cryptic Toronto Billboards
Drake is continuing his weird, suddenly-rapid-fire rollout for Certified Lover Boy with a series of digital ads featuring what appears to be lyrics from the album.

The ads, which appeared on Toronto billboards last night, include the phrases "Something other than me has got to give," "I don't miss…Let alone miss you," and "Should've said you loved me today, because tomorrow is a new day." 

As seen in an Instagram video [via Complex], members of Drake's team also appeared to be handing out merch to random people on the streets of Toronto, including shirts emblazoned with the new lyrics. 

Though Drake didn't actually hand anything out to fans himself, he was apparently along for the ride in his own car. "City's hot right now. They know what's up!" he said at one point during crew member OVO Mark's nearly hour-long Instagram Live.

Drake confirmed the long-awaited Certified Lover Boy's release yesterday (August 31), when he posted the album's ridiculous pregnant-emoji cover art. The album is due to arrive this Friday (September 3).

There's no official word yet on guest appearances or tracklisting, but we can collectively and wearily welcome "I don't miss…Let alone miss you" as the hot new Instagram caption of choice for the newly single. 

Check out the billboards and shirts below, along with some footage from OVO Mark's Instagram Live: