Disclosure "Nocturnal" (ft. the Weeknd) (Disclosure V.I.P. Remix)

Disclosure 'Nocturnal' (ft. the Weeknd) (Disclosure V.I.P. Remix)
Brotherly house-pop duo Disclosure have twisted up the opening track of their 2015 full-length, Caracal, offering listeners an alternate edition of the Weeknd-sung "Nocturnal." Whether or not it'll keep you up at night remains to be determined, but the song is streaming now.

The track had initially been delivered with a dirtied-up disco beat, à la "Can't Feel My Face," but this latest version is geared more for the chill-out room. It comes with oscillated bleeps and various chilly electronic textures, making the Weeknd's night owl routine sound a bit more bleak than before.

You'll find Disclosure's reset button-pushing remix of their "Nocturnal" down below.