Dilly Dally Find Light in Darkness in "Doom" Video

Dilly Dally Find Light in Darkness in 'Doom' Video
Dilly Dally have been teasing their new album Heaven with tracks like "I Feel Free," "Sober Motel" and "Doom," and now the latter has been given the visual treatment.
Despite the gloomy title and dark sounds on the song, it's ultimately a track about hope.
"The song is about preserving your spirit despite all odds," frontwoman Katie Monks said in a statement. "When your friends are out of reach, and you feel like you could fall forever into a deep depression, this song is asking you to catch yourself. It's so hard to admit sometimes that we are all fragile. And it's up to each of us as individuals, to take responsibility for our own happiness."
The video was directed by Monks and Trevor Blumas, and it opens with the band performing amongst shadows and ominous moving clouds. It eventually bursts into light, due to both glowing artificial pink studio lights and the band's own handheld torches.
Watch the eerily optimistic clip below.
Heaven is out now on Dine Alone/Partisan.