Deck the Halls with RIFF's Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Deck the Halls with RIFF's Last-Minute Gift Ideas
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The winter season is already here, and while shopping for your bubble looks different this year, you can finish your seasonal shopping on a high note.

Shopping for the cannabis lovers in your life just got a whole lot easier thanks to RIFF, and their friends at B!NGO and Good Supply. From vapes to whole flower, there's a format for every (19+) friend, family member and coworker on your list. We know that finding quality cannabis products for your loved ones can be tough, that's why all these picks are made with 100 percent high-quality cannabis.

Get creative with RIFF's 510 vapes

RIFF is a community and cannabis brand known for doing things differently. Whether it's introducing new strain collaborations or product innovations, RIFF celebrates cannabis icons and puts its own spin on them to create elevated classics. Just like your favourite DJ remixing your most-played tracks, RIFF 510 vapes make for a true RIFF on the classics.

For the creative souls this season, look no further than RIFF's iconic duo strain vapes. Providing something worth passing along this winter season, RIFF 510 vapes are available in two collaborative strains:

Grand Daddy Purps x Sour Kush – A super grouping of two legendary strains, bringing together aromas of berry, grape and earthiness to redefine your cannabis experience.

Jean Guy x Super Lemon Haze – Two sativa juggernauts brought together to create a future classic, with hints of lemon and citrus sweetness.

The unique strain pairings found in RIFF 510 vapes use high-quality THC distillate and native cannabis terpenes extracted directly from the cannabis plant to provide a true-to-flower experience. Not only are they discreet and easy to operate, but all of RIFF's vapes are also 100 percent cannabis-derived and additive-free, guaranteed.

RIFF's 510 vapes are currently available in 0.5g format from local licensed retailers. For those that can't get enough over the winter season, both of RIFF's iconic duo strain 510 vapes will also be available in a larger 1g format in early 2021.

For more information on RIFF's vape offerings, check out or follow @WhatisRIFF on Instagram.

Enjoy simple satisfactions with B!NGO's whole flower

B!NGO's fresh line of bud is inspired by that feeling you get when something hits the spot. Perfect for the person who appreciates everyday enjoyment, B!NGO has mastered its two-strain line of Sativa! and Indica! high-quality flower.

Whichever your preference, both strains are available in 15g and 28g format. Large volumes for when you don't want to brave a cold winter's night for a bud run. To find out more, please head to or @bingocannabis on Instagram.

Pick up Good Supply's 510 vapes for your good friends

When it comes to aroma and potency, Good Supply's 510 vapes have you covered. With 80 percent THC strength and five products to choose from, these 510 vapes are available at a good price without ever sacrificing quality. Good Supply's high-potency, additive-free 510 vape lineup is sure to have the perfect vape for the good friends on your list.

Pineapple Express hits hard with unmistakable notes of mango and pineapple, while Blue Dream nods to vibrant berry-inspired aromas. Citrus-forward strains Tangie Kush and White Widow promise to pack a punch. Last but not least, Purple Monkey offers a smooth but hard-hitting experience, with grape-inspired aromas.

For more information on Good Supply's bestselling line of 510 vapes visit or get with the Good Supply by following @goodsupplycan on Instagram.