Dan Auerbach "King of a One Horse Town" (video)

Dan Auerbach 'King of a One Horse Town' (video)
Dan Auerbach fans are still waiting on his Waiting on a Song solo LP, but the Black Keys dude has offered up a new video to help ease the anticipation.
The video for "King of a One Horse Town" gives viewers a glimpse into the life of the titular character — a man who lives in fear of stepping outside the box.
"The King of a One Horse Town is anyone who's scared of the outside world," Auerbach explained in a statement. "Anyone who's afraid to go beyond their own block for fear of failure. It could be a drug dealer. A drunk. A professor. That's a feeling any of us can relate to."
Watch the Aaron Hymes-directed clip for "King of a One Horse Town" below.
Waiting on a Song is due out on June 2 via Easy Eye Sound.