Damon Albarn Blasts Adele and Her "Middle of the Road" Work

Damon Albarn Blasts Adele and Her 'Middle of the Road' Work
Adele's smash 2011 release 21 is the top-selling album from the new millennium, but apparently the follow-up might be a little underwhelming. This is according to Blur frontman Damon Albarn, who contributed to the recent recording sessions and had some less-than-positive things to say about how the material is turning out.

Speaking with the UK's Sun newspaper [via Contactmusic.com], Albarn said, "I heard the work she did with my friend Brian [Burton], a.k.a. Danger Mouse. It's very middle of the road."

In addition to making unfavourable assessment of Adele's new material, Albarn revealed that he worked on some of the singer's new songs, but that these tracks will likely be scrapped. He said, "Adele asked me to work with her and I took the time out for her... And I'm not a producer, so... I don't know what is happening really... Will she use any of the stuff? I don't think so. Let's wait and see... The thing is, she's very insecure. And she doesn't need to be, she's still so young."

Of course, if Adele is surrounding herself with people who openly call her music "middle of the road," it's no wonder she's feeling insecure.

While details regarding Adele's have been rather scarce, reports have suggested that it will be called 25 (even though the vocalist is actually 27) and will land is November. It's expected to feature a song penned by Canadian crooner Tobias Jesso Jr.