Damon Albarn Performs "Everyday Robots" to Android Audience (video)

Damon Albarn Performs 'Everyday Robots' to Android Audience (video)
Damon Albarn's recent album is called Everyday Robots, so it's only appropriate that the Britpop icon performed some material from the collation for an android.

This clip, filmed by the Creators Project, finds Albarn performing stripped-down piano versions of a couple songs for a small audience at Tokyo's Miraikan science museum. An android named Otonaroid is in the audience, and this adds an otherworldly tone to Albarn's sci-fi melancholia.

The first half of the clip shows a rendition of "Everyday Robots." The second half features interview clips and android footage, while Albarn plays Blur's "Strange News from Another Star" in the background. Watch it below.