Couple Gets Engaged in Mosh Pit at a While She Sleeps Show

Modern love at its finest
Couple Gets Engaged in Mosh Pit at a While She Sleeps Show
If you're in the process of trying to woo some DIY boy you met at a local hardcore show, this could be your future: A couple got engaged in the middle of a mosh pit at a While She Sleeps show in Frankfurt, Germany. 

A video posted to the band's Twitter account shows them in their dressing room before the show, as guitarist Sean Long says, "Someone wants to propose to their other better half and we're gonna let them do it in the middle of a fucking mosh pit." Shortly after, drummer Adam Savage shouts, "Ya bloody loved up bastards," and the video cuts to the engagement. 

In the middle of an eerily empty circle pit, a man proposes to his girlfriend after While She Sleeps announce, "This guy's got something to ask." Once the proposal is tearfully accepted, a wall of death immediately ensues in celebration. While admittedly hilarious, it's a surprisingly sweet moment.

Congratulations to the happy couple — we can only hope there will be another pit instead of the Cha Cha Slide at their wedding reception.

Watch the video of the engagement below.