Charlotte Cornfield 'Future Snowbird' (album stream)

Charlotte Cornfield 'Future Snowbird' (album stream)
With most of the country battling a brutal winter, many Canadians are probably dreaming of heading south and spending their retirement on the shores of Florida — a sentiment captured in Toronto singer-songwriter Charlotte Cornfield's latest album title Future Snowbird. And while she might not be explicitly singing about tropical trips, Cornfield's sophomore offering is sure to warm up any wintery night.
We've already heard "Aslan," "Big Volcano, Small Town" and the Tim Darcy-featuring "Mercury," but now Exclaim! is giving you an early listen to the LP in its entirety.
The new record follows up 2011's Two Horses and takes inspiration from Cornfield's time spent living in New York. She described the time as a "constellation of ups and downs," with the thrills of an exciting new relationship getting balanced out by the suffering from a bad bout of psoriasis.
The aforementioned trio of songs opens the album, with "Scots Line" carrying on a similar brand of twangy, soul-baring roots-infused folk. "City of Giants" and "Wheels" are particularly sweet and gentle ballad-esque numbers, while "No Spook" shows off a jauntier, upbeat sound before "Time Bomb" bluntly addresses Cornfield's battle with her health set to the tune of fuzzy guitars. Eventually, "Exoh" hears the singer signing off, delivering a musical hug and kiss to listeners.
You can hear it all wrapped up in one neat, complete package by streaming Future Snowbird in the player below right now. The album is officially out on Consonant Records.