Carla dal Forno Look Up Sharp

Carla dal Forno Look Up Sharp
Carla dal Forno knows just how to transcend the human experience through her haunting, dream-pop sound. The London, UK-based musician hasn't strayed too far from her DIY roots. With slightly more enhanced production and clear vocals, Look Up Sharp is a refurbished version of dal Forno's style.
Dal Forno's first studio album, You Know What It's Like, was embellished with a dark mood, muffled vocals and eerie beats. This second is not much different, only more enhanced and truly showing off dal Forno as a strong vocalist. "No Trace" begins the album with a hypnotic arrangement that bleeds into a drawn-out, psychedelic end. Tracks that are more vocal-heavy, such as "So Much Better" and "Push On," are reversed compared to her earlier work.
Dal Forno's previous releases sound similar to layering instruments on top of her vocals, almost drowning them out. This time, it feels as if she's put her moderately produced vocals in the foreground, and everything else in the background.
Dal Forno is still true to the homegrown production that fans grew to love; Look Up Sharp is showing listeners just how much she's evolved in her slow-moving, wistful world. (Independent)