Blonde Redhead "The One I Love"

Blonde Redhead 'The One I Love'
Blonde Redhead have long flirted with elements of chamber and baroque, and the latest Barragán preview, "The One I Love," sticks to these sonic themes, sounding as if sung from the perspective of a medieval castle prisoner.

Light touches of harpsichord and acoustic guitar act as the backdrop to singer Kazu Makino's soft and sad tale of a woman who, among other things, doesn't know "how to stay afloat" in a seemingly abusive relationship. Despite spending the day not singing but crying, the black and blue "mockingbird" makes a case at one point that "I can be your moonlight, but not a mattress."

Barragán drops September 2 via Kobalt, while Blonde Redhead start up a North American tour later in the fall that that will hit Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. You'll find the date details here.