Blonde Redhead "My Plants Are Dead" (Games remix)

Blonde Redhead 'My Plants Are Dead' (Games remix)
The work on Blonde Redhead's eighth album, Penny Sparkle, has proven incredibly versatile, as evidenced in the Pantha Du Prince remix of "Here Sometimes" and the fact that the band are planning to release different versions of the album. The source material just keeps on giving, with a new remix from the NYC electronic duo currently known as Games.

 Games take on Blonde Redhead's "My Plants Are Dead," transforming the track's melancholy undertones into a mid-afternoon foot-tapping jam with icy synth tones and a driving backbone. On its own, the track is still distant and somewhat of a downer, but compared to the original, it's a certified dance party.

Download Games' remix of Blonde Redhead here courtesy of Gorilla Vs. Bear.