Between the Buried and Me "The Coma Machine" (video)

Between the Buried and Me 'The Coma Machine' (video)
Despite all the mind-boggling concept records Between the Buried and Me have flung our way over the years, the band can certainly play things on the nose as well. Witness, for instance, the opening scene of the new video for "The Coma Machine," from their upcoming Coma Ecliptic, which starts off with the sight of an unconscious man hooked up to an elaborate contraption. It, uh, gets a little weird from there on, though.

Without spoiling too much, the video goes on to show an awakened figure trying to understand his surroundings. He seems frazzled by rooms wall-papered in cryptic, X-marked documents, as well as a plethora of equally ominous hanging photographs. Scored by Between the Buried and Me's sonic adventures through the realms of prog-metal, jaunty piano pop and more, there's also a lopsided showdown in an unconventional hospital room.

You can make sense of it the best you can buy giving the over eight-minute audio-visual mystery a peep down below.

As previously reported, Coma Ecliptic's narrative arc observes "the wanderings of an unidentified man, stuck in a coma, as he journeys through his past lives." Metal Blade puts the album into retailers July 7.