Beams "Berlin"

Beams 'Berlin'
Toronto folk-rock outfit Beams will deliver their sophomore LP Teach Me to Love next month, and they've prefaced its arrival with a new track, titled "Berlin."
According to singer-songwriter Anna Mernieks, the song serves as "a plea to find the kind of hope that heals a broken dream" — inspired by the titular city's history of being torn apart and reunited.
"It is also a question: is it possible that, if we're ignorant about the past, something similar could happen again?" she tells Exclaim! "If it did, who would I risk my life for by crossing the wall? Would I at all?"
Teach Me to Love marks the followup to the group's debut album Just Rivers, though the band have since released singles like "I Wanted to Tell Her," "The Way We Run" and a cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill." It's due out February 23, and the band will play a release show the same day at the Smiling Buddha in Toronto. They will also perform at SXSW in March.
Listen to "Berlin" below.