ANOHNI Calls Out U.S. Foreign Policy in "Crisis" Video

ANOHNI Calls Out U.S. Foreign Policy in 'Crisis' Video
ANOHNI released HOPELESSNESS earlier this year, and now "Crisis" from that record has been given the visual treatment.
The video stars Storm Lever, who gazes straight into the camera, mouthing the words to the song before eventually breaking down in tears.
The song itself is an expression of ANOHNI's internal struggle with her status as an American citizen, particularly with regards to the country's foreign policy in the Middle East. The song lays out ways that the U.S. has contributed to a global state of crisis, and hears ANOHNI offering a pleading apology.
In a press release, the artist explicitly lists the American actions that have led to international disaster. It reads:
1. Declaring the Iraq war under the false premise that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction
2. Causing the deaths of more than half a million Iraqis
3. Imprisoning suspects, many of whom were innocent, indefinitely in offshore secret prisons
4. Torturing and killing suspects under the Bush administration
5. Depriving suspects of human rights and habeas corpus
6. Switching tactics under Obama's administration and using drones to execute suspects and bystanders across the Middle East and beyond
7. Imprisoning whistleblowers under Obama's administration for having the moral courage to identify US criminality
8. Filling corporate pockets with federal monies syphoned for war, weaponry and "reconstruction"
Watch the powerful visual accompaniment to "Crisis" in the player below.