Toronto's Ace of Wands Feel the "Vibrations" on New Single

It's the A-side to their forthcoming 'Vibrations/Rid of Me' EP
Toronto's Ace of Wands Feel the 'Vibrations' on New Single
Toronto rock trio Ace of Wands confronted restrictive "Feminine Values" last March in what was supposed to start the lead-up to their sophomore album, but plans were changed when the city went into its first of several pandemic lockdowns just days later. They're resurfacing with new single "Vibrations" tomorrow (June 17), but Exclaim! is premiering the track a day early.

"Vibrations" — the A-side from the band's forthcoming Vibrations/Rid of Me EP, coming July 9 — starts off with an aqueous, psychedelic opening half before morphing into its venomous, fuzzed-out post-punk finale. If the song's refrain of "rid of me someday" brings PJ Harvey to mind, you're not alone — the EP's B-side is a cover of her 1993 classic tune "Rid of Me."

In a statement, lead vocalist and songwriter Lee Rose told Exclaim!:

"Vibrations" was written several years ago now, and I feel like it's one of those songs whose meaning has changed over time. At first the song revolved around feelings of desire, and the shameful place those feelings occupied in me. I was writing about all the ways I kept those feelings secret, entertaining them only in dreams and fantasy. Now when I sing this song, I feel the empowerment of that same desire — owning the light and dark and the beauty and destruction in wanting.
Listen to "Vibrations" below. The single restarts the promotion of Ace of Wands' forthcoming sophomore album, due later this year. It will serve as the follow-up to their 2019 debut, Lioness.