A New Foo Fighters Album Could Arrive in 2020

A New Foo Fighters Album Could Arrive in 2020
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
Foo Fighters last released their Concrete and Gold album in 2017, but according to drummer Taylor Hawkins, a follow-up effort might not be as far off as we think.

In conversation with RockSound.TV, Hawkins revealed that the band hopes "to have a new record by next year."

"Well, from what I've heard from our fearless leader Dave Grohl, he has a lot of demos that he's worked on and I think we'll start, once this tour is over… I think not too soon after that we'll start the process of putting the songs together as a band," Hawkins said.

He added, "It's a long process, we do a lot of demoing and stuff, but I think that we'll have, I'm hoping, I think we'll have a new record by next year. We should."

Foo Fighters are still touring behind Concrete and Gold, with their current run of dates set to last through October of this year. Last month, the band kicked off their new "Foo Files" archival recording series.

Earlier this year, Grohl was revealed to be at work on something new with members of ZZ Top and Queens of the Stone Age.