Watch the Haunting Trailer for 'The Invisible Man' Starring Elisabeth Moss

Watch the Haunting Trailer for 'The Invisible Man' Starring Elisabeth Moss
Horror master Leigh Whannell returns with a reboot of the 1933 film The Invisible Man based on the novel by H.G. Wells. Today we have the 2020 film's trailer featuring some of Hollywood's brightest. 

The trailer sees an alarming performance from Elisabeth Moss, who is forced to contend with her supposed-to-be-dead, invisible ex-boyfriend as he attempts to murder her over and over.

About the film, Whannell said he wanted to try something new with the reboot after nearly a century since the original. Read his statement below.

The image of the Invisible Man in the floating trench coat and the floating sunglasses is one that is clearly etched into the public consciousness. I wanted to kind of get away from that and make something that was really modern, really grounded, or as grounded as you can be when you're dealing with a film called The Invisible Man. Just something that was really tense and scary in a way The Invisible Man hasn't been before.

There are some great actors in the film, Aldis Hodge and Storm Reid from
A Wrinkle in Time, these are the supporting cast, and they're such great performers. Having said that, the script is really a one-woman show. Elisabeth Moss is the centerpiece of the film, and she's in pretty much every scene. I feel like, if you're going to hang an entire film on someone's shoulders, you need an actor as good as Lizzie.

The Invisible Man is heading to theatres February 28.

Watch the trailer below.