The 'Tiger King' Creators Are Making an Episode About Siegfried & Roy

The filmmakers will examine the 2003 mauling that ended the duo's stage show
The 'Tiger King' Creators Are Making an Episode About Siegfried & Roy
The rush to follow-up Netflix's wildly popular Tiger King series has led to questionable fan tattoos, new lead roles for Orlando Bloom and Nicolas Cage, and maybe even a presidential pardon. Now, it's been reported that the series' filmmakers will turn their lens to another pair of Tiger Kings in Siegfried & Roy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin will have a new episode centre on the 2003 mauling that ended the Las Vegas stage show of Siegfried Fischbacher and the late Roy Horn, who died Friday (May 8) of complications of COVID-19.

During a performance at the Mirage hotel that year, Roy Horn was attacked by a seven-year-old white tiger named Mantacore, who bit his neck and proceeded to drag him offstage. The two puncture wounds Horn sustained in his neck caused massive blood loss, which led to a stroke.

THR learned of plans for the episode after being contacted by wildlife veterinarian Dr. James Liu last Thursday (May 7). Liu, who told the publication he was a member of Tiger King's production team, was requesting contact information for Chris Lawrence, a tiger handler who worked on Siegfried and Roy's show.

Lawrence had been profiled by THR last year, revealing that the 2003 incident led to a 15-year battle with PTSD while also claiming the pair of entertainers had "romanticized" narrative of what led to Horn being attacked.

Liu expressed to THR that he hoped the forthcoming new episode would be "a higher-minded corrective" to the original seven-episode Netflix series, in addition to comedian Joel McHale's divisive aftershow, which was not produced by Goode and Chaiklin.

"I went into this to explore a different side of the animal world in terms of wild animals in captivity," Liu told Vanity Fair in March. "After spending years with these subjects the project moved in a different direction. Netflix is very adept at making binge-worthy television and with these larger-than-life subjects that was pretty easy to do. However, my goal is and has always been the same, which is to raise awareness and help save the species."

After speaking with Liu, a spokeswoman for Goode Films told THR it was "untrue that the direction is going in a more conservational route"

Earlier this month, Joe Exotic's former zoo – now owned and operated by Jeff and Lauren Lowereopened to the public as Tiger King Park.