The Guitarist from 'School of Rock' Has Been Caught Stealing Guitars

The Guitarist from 'School of Rock' Has Been Caught Stealing Guitars
Back in 2003's School of Rock, Jack Black taught child actor Joey Gaydos Jr. how to shred with confidence while also imparting sage advice, "you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore." Now, it appears that Gaydos may have taken that advice to heart, as his habit of stealing instruments has landed him in some hot water.

Florida authorities confirmed to TMZ that Gaydos, who played Zack in the film's fictional band, is facing felony charges in Florida for larceny and grand theft. The site points out that Gaydos has been apprehended four times in the past five weeks for allegedly stealing instruments and an amplifier.

Police told the site that Gaydos would walk into stores, ask to test guitars and promptly walk out with the instruments without paying. Security footage made public by police shows Gaydos pacing Venice, FL's Troll Music with a Fender Buddy Guy Standard Stratocaster, marked by its polkadot paint job.

A Facebook post made by the store early last month further confirms the instrument's disappearance and ensuing recovery. Police added that other stolen axes included an Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul valued at $800 USD, a black Fender Stratocaster worth $699 USD and a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop valued at $1,900 USD. 

TMZ reports that Gaydos confessed to authorities, citing a drug problem. The site adds that he has plead not guilty to the guitar thefts, but has not yet entered a plea regarding the theft of an amp.

Late last year, Black ran into another of his School of Rock co-stars who now has a band of his own.