Thandiwe Newton Adds "W" Back to Her First Name: "I'm Taking Back What's Mine"

She had previously gone with "Thandie" after a misspelling in the credits of her first movie
Thandiwe Newton Adds 'W' Back to Her First Name: 'I'm Taking Back What's Mine'
With a decades-long career that has included movies like Crash and Mission: Impossible II and shows like Westworld and Big Mouth, Thandie Newton made quite a name for herself. The only trouble is that it wasn't really her name.

In a new interview with British Vogue, Newton revealed that she's only gone by "Thandie" for all of these years because her name was misspelled in her first credit. Her name is, in fact, Thandiwe Newton, and she's going to start using it again. 

"That's my name," she explained. "It's always been my name. I'm taking back what's mine."

Elsewhere in the interview, she explained that director John Duigan asked her to darken her skin while auditioning for her debut role in Flirting opposite Nicole Kidman. She also talked about Duigan's alleged sexual abuse, which she said started when she was 16. She has publicly accused Duigan of abuse since 2011. 

Further, she also talked about pay inequality on Westworld, explaining that she finally ended the pay gap by Season 3 of the show. "It wasn't a celebration. I was disgusted," she said. "Even though people know they can speak out now, there is still the fear of losing their job. I mean literally, people still say, 'There's someone else who could take this position, if you're not happy', that kind of shit. I do think studio heads need to take much more responsibility."

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