Quentin Tarantino Is Turning 'Bounty Law' into an Actual TV Show

The director says he plans to turn the fictional 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' TV series into a real one
Quentin Tarantino Is Turning 'Bounty Law' into an Actual TV Show
Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is doing quite well for itself this awards season, so it makes sense the director would want to keep exploring its rich cinematic world. As such, Tarantino has revealed he's serious about turning the film's Leonardo DiCaprio-starring fictional TV show Bounty Law into a real one.

Following some teasing over the summer, Tarantino now confirms he has indeed written five half-hour episodes of Bounty Law, with the plan being for him to direct them all.

Speaking to Deadline, Tarantino explained the upcoming TV project like this:

As far as the Bounty Law shows, I want to do that, but it will take me a year and a half. It got an introduction from Once Upon a Tim in Hollywood, but I don't really consider it part of that movie even though it is. This is not about Rick Dalton playing Jake Cahill. It's about Jake Cahill. Where all this came from was, I ended up watching a bunch of Wanted, Dead or Alive, and The Rifleman, and Tales of Wells Fargo, these half-hour shows to get in the mindset of Bounty Law, the kind of show Rick was on. I'd liked them before, but I got really into them. The concept of telling a dramatic story in half an hour. You watch and think, wow, there's a helluva lot of storytelling going on in 22 minutes. I thought, I wonder if I can do that? I ended up writing five half-hour episodes. So I'll do them, and I will direct all of them.

Unfortunately, Tarantino has still not confirmed the involvement of DiCaprio, who plays Bounty Law star Jake Cahill. The director also has yet to provide any sort of timeline on when we could expect the TV project.

The news comes in the wake of another possible Once Upon a Time in Hollywood TV project. Star Brad Pitt previously explained there are plans to turn the film into an episodic mini-series, somewhat like what he did with Hateful Eight on Netflix. 

Following some big Golden Globe wins, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is up for a string of Oscars, including Best Picture.