Pottery Barn Is Selling 'Friends'-Themed Furniture

Pottery Barn Is Selling 'Friends'-Themed Furniture
Pottery Barn is launching a collection of furniture and home accessories entirely inspired by Friends in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the show.
The new line debuts on July 30 and reportedly features 14 items that range in price from $12.50 to $1,099 USD.
Among the items being released are Central Perk coffee mugs and, of course, an apothecary table.
The piece references a Season 6 episode entitled "The One with the Apothecary Table," which saw Rachel buying an apothecary table from Pottery Barn and telling her roommate Phoebe that it came from a flea market. After outfitting their entire apartment into a Pottery Barn ad, Rachel gets caught in the lie when Phoebe sees the same apothecary table at Ross's place.
The full line of Friends merch hasn't been revealed yet, but here's hoping they go for things like Monica's iconic yellow photo frame around the peep hole on her purple door rather than the entertainment unit Joey built (and later got locked in).