Ozzy Osbourne "Can't F*cking Hear" Criticism of Wife Sharon

The Prince of Darkness is on "#TeamSharon"
Ozzy Osbourne 'Can't F*cking Hear' Criticism of Wife Sharon
Ozzy Osbourne has come to his wife Sharon Osbourne's defence after her unceremonious exit from CBS's The Talk — in the only way he knows how.

Following a probe by CBS that investigated Sharon's behaviour toward her co-hosts — including her use of both racist and homophobic slurs — the network found that Osbourne's actions "did not align with [CBS's] values for a respectful workplace."

In the days following Sharon's ousting, Ozzy has stepped up to defend his wife, writing in an Instagram post that he "can't f*cking hear you" alongside a photo of the couple, adding a #TeamSharon for good measure.

As previously reported, Sharon caused The Talk to go on hiatus after getting into a heated argument with Sheryl Underwood about defending Piers Morgan and his insensitive comments about Megan Markle and the royal family.

Soon after, a scathing report by journalist Yashar Ali emerged, alleging Sharon has a history of using homophobic and racial slurs against her former colleagues, including Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert. According to multiple sources in the piece, Osbourne would frequently call Chen, who is Chinese American, "sl**ty eyes" and "w**ton," and Gilbert, who is a lesbian, "pussy licker" and "fish eater."

Osbourne strongly disputed this, blaming it all on "cancel culture."

The show is expected to return on April 12 — minus Osbourne.  

See Ozzy's post below.