Netflix Canada Begins Crackdown on Password Sharing

Accountholders will be able to add extra members for $7.99
Netflix Canada Begins Crackdown on Password Sharing
Get ready to go through the pain of heartbreak all over again when you're kicked off your ex's Netflix account: as CP24 reports, starting today, Netflix Canada will begin notifying accountholders via email about the new limitations to who can access the account outside of their household.

Although there's no word yet on when the streaming giant will begin enforcing these new rules, both standard and premium accountholders will apparently be given the option to add extra members at a monthly rate of $7.99 — premium subscriptions will get to add two members external to their household, and standard subscriptions will be able to add one additional user.

The ability to add additional members for $7.99 per month does not apply to those with basic and ad-supported Netflix plans.

The company has been testing the new password-sharing rules in Latin America over the past year in an effort to boost subscriber growth. Canada is part of the latest wave of countries to introduce the tighter restrictions, alongside New Zealand, Spain and Portugal. Other countries will reportedly undergo the process in the next few months.

As previously reported, the streamer plans to stop password sharing by prompting users to connect to the WiFi associated with the account's address, log in and watch something every 31 days. If someone tries to log in from any location other than the address the account is associated with, they'll be prompted to sign up for an account of their own and blocked from access until they do.

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