Is David Lynch Working on More 'Twin Peaks'?

Will that gum we like come back into style again?
Is David Lynch Working on More 'Twin Peaks'?
David Lynch does whatever the hell he wants, but it looks as though that life motto could include more Twin Peaks. After returning with the aptly titled Twin Peaks: The Return in 2017, the rumour mill is whispering that we may be headed back to the haunted forests of Washington State.

As the A.V. Club has neatly laid out, the last week has seen an onslaught of gentle nudges suggesting Lynch could be getting the gang together once more.

It started with a strange thread of tweets from the Hollywood Horror Museum, where David's daughter Jennifer Lynch serves as a board member:

Things slightly escalated from there. Michael Horse, who plays Deputy Hawk on Twin Peaks, broke a long streak of cat pics on Instagram to make a rare reference to the show, seemingly telling everyone that there was a secret needing to be kept:

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Then, hammering it all home, Kyle MacLachlan hinted at Agent Cooper with a Peaks reference on an otherwise normal photo:

Of course, it's all very cryptic at this point. But would we expect anything less from David Lynch and co.?