David Gordon Green Is Releasing Two 'Halloween' Sequels in October 2020: Rumour

The films will reportedly arrive back-to-back in the same month
David Gordon Green Is Releasing Two 'Halloween' Sequels in October 2020: Rumour
While news recently broke that David Gordon Green was getting to work on a sequel to his 2018 Halloween film, rumours have now erupted saying the director is making not one but two sequels. And crazier yet — both Halloween sequels will be getting released back-to-back in October 2020.

The rumours come via Bloody Disgusting, which received news of the ambitious release plan via "an extremely reliable insider."

The site reports the following:

From what I'm told, not only will they be filming two sequels back-to-back, but they are discussing releasing both in the same month. Yes, it's within the realm of possibility that we'll see two Halloween films released in October 2020.

I know, I know, this sounds completely insane, but there's a reason why I buy this — outside of the fact that I know and trust my source. There were discussions about shooting the first film back-to-back with a sequel prior to production being shut down in order to recalibrate the ending. Shit, the filmmakers had even joked about shooting a full-blown Halloween trilogy at one point.

While we agree this does all sound a bit insane, there are some definite reasons to believe the rumours.

First off, Collider recently reported multiple sources had confirmed Blumhouse is planning to start filming at least one Halloween sequel this fall, with Green returning to both write and direct the film. Plus, stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are all supposedly back on board for the film, which has been given the projected release date of October 16, 2020. This means an October 30 release date — which is a Friday — is still very much open for a second film.

Secondly, Halloween creator John Carpenter has already told the press he is scoring an upcoming Halloween sequel. This means it seems very likely we're at least getting a new Halloween film sometime in the near future.

And finally, to give a bit more weight behind the idea of Green filming and then releasing two Halloween films back-to-back, he's done this sort of thing before.

A few years ago, Green pulled a similar move with the HBO series Vice Principals, which he executive produced and was created by fellow Halloween filmmaker Danny McBride. The entire Vice Principals series was filmed all at once, starting in 2015 and wrapping in mid-2016. But after that one long continuous filming session, Vice Principals was split into two separate seasons, the first of which arrived in 2016 and the second in 2017.

Still, Green has not even confirmed he is involved with any new Halloween film and neither has Blumhouse. So at this point, this is all still very much unconfirmed, meaning stay tuned and cross those fingers.