China Cancels 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Release over Its Depiction of Bruce Lee: Report

The late actor's daughter allegedly asked China's National Film Administration to stop the film's release
China Cancels 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Release over Its Depiction of Bruce Lee: Report
Quentin Tarantino had another massive success with his recent Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. But the real cash cow in modern movie releasing is the Chinese market, and the film has just been shut out of that lucrative territory. The film's China release has just been axed at the last minute, and it's all reportedly because of Bruce Lee's daughter.

Lee's estate has publicly taken issue with Tarantino's less-than heroic portrayal of the late martial arts master, and The Hollywood Reporter explains that, according to various sources, it was Lee's daughter Shannon Lee who directly appealed to China's National Film Administration, asking the organization to cancel the film's release.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood had been set for an October 25 release date, but it has since been pulled. Multiple sources in Beijing confirmed to THR that the film had been put on hold indefinitely.

In Once Upon a Time, Brad Pitt's Cliff Booth challenges Bruce Lee (played by Mike Moh) to a physical contest. In real life, Shannon said her father never entered a fight with someone who wasn't a trained martial arts expert. Elsewhere, the estate was upset with Lee being portrayed as an arrogant prick, particularly in stating that he could beat up Muhammad Ali.

Sources told THR that Tarantino and his team scrambled to re-edit the film in order to have it approved in time for its October 25 release date, but they didn't make the cut. For now, the future of Once Upon a Time's release in China is uncertain.

We can't help but wonder how South Park feels about all this.