Alexander Skarsgård Is Joining 'Succession' for Season 3

He will play some hugely confrontational tech bro
Alexander Skarsgård Is Joining 'Succession' for Season 3
If you're anything like us, you've been itching for all and any info about Succession Season 3. And while we wish we could give you the release date right now, we still are stuck waiting on that. But there is a pretty awesome casting announcement today, as Alexander Skarsgård is officially joining the upcoming season.

Today HBO confirmed Skarsgård would play a character called Lukas Matsson, who is described as a successful yet very confrontational tech bro and CEO. Apparently, he's set to go up against Logan Roy and family in Season 3, but right now, that's all we really know.

This marks Skarsgård first role with HBO since he won an Emmy for his seriously frightening role on the first season of Big Little Lies back in 2017. And considering his recent role in The Stand, Skarsgård is starting to very much be an in-demand villain.

Right now, production is underway for Jesse Armstrong's Succession Season 3, but it's so far unclear when it may arrive.