Seth Rogen's Houseplant Cannabis Brand Is Launching in the U.S.

Seth Rogen's Houseplant Cannabis Brand Is Launching in the U.S.
After first launching Houseplant in Canada in 2019, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have now announced plans to bring their cannabis brand to the United States.

Rogen shared the news today on social media, revealing that Houseplant products will only be available in California to start the U.S. expansion.

As part of the American launch of Houseplant, Rogen also shared the launch of the Housegoods division, teasing the arrival of fancy tabletop lighters, ashtrays and maybe even some of his custom ceramics. He also showed off the company's sought-after 3xLP vinyl compilation, which packs in playlists specifically sequenced for sativa, indica and hybrid strain varieties. 

Speaking with Fast Company, Rogen cited the "timeless" mid-century modern design movement as an influence on the look of the Houseplant's branding.

"We want to make our products as beautiful and accessible as possible because of a few things: First, people just haven't put enough attention to detail on things for people who smoke weed. It bucks a lot of stereotypes about people who smoke weed," Rogen explained. "It's saying that people who smoke weed can be very detail-oriented, can work hard, can manifest their goals into objects, and it's acknowledging that people who love weed also like nice things and aren't just lazy slobs. Weed has lived under your coffee table, in your sock drawer, in the back of your desk for a long time, and it doesn't deserve that. It belongs with the other things you feel represent your sensibilities."

Rogen also reaffirmed his belief that cannabis should be treated like alcohol, pointing to the list of accessories he's accumulated for the latter substance.

"I don't drink, but I have a bar. I have a martini shaker. I have corkscrews, champagne glasses, all of that," the actor continued. "It's because alcohol, which I do not think is a good substance, gets a lot of reverence and has been celebrated. It gets a lot of thought put into the design and lifestyle of those who consume and enjoy it. That same thought hasn't been put into weed. And we are more than happy to be the ones to be doing that."

Fast Company notes that Houseplant will continue to educate followers on cannabis amnesty in both the United States and Canada, and will detail a mentorship program to support underserved cannabis entrepreneurs in the coming months.

"We're very fortunate to be from Vancouver, a place that treated weed the way it did when we were kids, and the whole reason we've been so fortunate with this company is because of where we're from and [being] able to cultivate this life around cannabis that other people haven't," Goldberg told the site. "There's a responsibility that comes with that."

In January, Rogen announced the release of Year Book about his life. Last year, he found himself in An American Pickle, while current projects include a Darkwing Duck reboot and a Rose Byrne reunion.