Zeitkratzer Performs Songs From the Albums "Kraftwerk" and "Kraftwerk 2"

Zeitkratzer  Performs Songs From the Albums 'Kraftwerk' and 'Kraftwerk 2'
Zeitkratzer have made a name for themselves as a classical New Music ensemble that take nearly impossible non-classical works and excel in transforming them beautifully. Their most notable feat in this vein was taking Lou Reed's feedback blowtorch Metal Machine Music and arranging it for an acoustic ensemble.
In tackling Kraftwerk's first two albums of hippie minimalism as opposed to their later electronic work, Zeitkratzer set themselves a less challenging task of arrangement, but have still done an amazing job of re-creation.
Zeitkratzer's versions of the Kraftwerk repertoire are accurate to the point that you could overlay the original and this version, and the sections would align, but what makes this version so great is the musicality of the interpretation.
The string section's contrapuntal harmonization of the studio flute loops of the original "Ruckzuck," as well as the interpretation of the crashing string scrapes over the bass guitar pulse of "Spule 4" are not only accurate but take the works themselves to another plane altogether — one where a more majestic and spacious tack is taken. It's what this exceptional classical ensemble do best. (Karl Records)