Watch a Fiery Video for Spunk's New Song "Magic H8 Ball"

Watch a Fiery Video for Spunk's New Song "Magic H8 Ball"
Last time we premiered new music from Spunk they were "Tryna Chill It Out," but it seems they couldn't do so, as they're back less than a year later with "Magic H8 Ball" from upcoming LP S.S.O.S.

The mid-paced punk banger feels like a perpetual pump-up, with plenty of building drum rolls pushing it forward to an ending that feels like the wheels are about to fall off. That feeling is helped along throughout by the unhinged howls of Matthew Tomasi, who also wrote and recorded all the music.

The band leader states, "I tried to expose myself and be accountable for some past stuff while tryna move forward."

He describes the accompanying visual as more of an art installation than a music video. It features a log and chain topped by an 8-ball with a wax "H" (you know, the titular "H8 Ball"), all of which was doused in gasoline and set ablaze. Tomasi admits he singed his eyelashes and facial hair when he lit the fire.

Check out the new song in the player below before S.S.O.S drops August 10 via Tomasi's own Acid Vision Records.