Watch Blue Rodeo's New Short Film on Friday

Watch Blue Rodeo's New Short Film on Friday
Blue Rodeo fans were previously treated to a mashup music video featuring two songs from the recent album In Our Nature. At the time, Juno Award-winning director Christopher Mills promised that this would be followed by a longer film that encapsulated the entire album, and that long-form short is now on the way. It's in Our Nature to Fly will begin streaming here on Friday (January 31) at noon EST.

The unique concept combines songs, performance and narrative elements into an 18-minute short film that attempts to convey spirit of the entire album and the recording sessions surrounding it.

Mills said in a statement, "We now have a 'music video' style project, which condenses two songs and a few of the narrative elements which THEN ties back into a completely separate, (much longer) ALBUM FILM, which uses mood, performance, a bit of imagination, and a mixture of real life and story elements to try to reflect the great spirit of these sessions, and to deliver a 'sampler plate' of this well crafted album."

Singer-guitarist Jim Cuddy added, "He has such a unique eye and style. When asked to do a video mashup of two Blue Rodeo songs he came back with an 18-minute opus. Part narrative, part abstract and all beautiful to look at; the video rewards multiple viewings. A truly wonderful piece of work."

The film will screen live, meaning that fans will need to tune in here at exactly noon EST on Friday to see it. If you can't be at the computer at that time, don't despair; soon after the live screening, the film will be uploaded to YouTube and also available below.

A countdown to the clip can be found in the player embedded below. In the meantime, watch the aforementioned mashup music video here and be sure to come back to this page on Friday at noon.

Blue Rodeo are currently touring Canada in support of In Our Nature, and you can see all the dates here.