Was Kanye West Eating His Earwax at "Sunday Service"?

Was Kanye West Eating His Earwax at "Sunday Service"?
An old saying claims that idle hands are the devil's tools, and fans of Kanye West are now wondering what exactly was on his mind during his latest "Sunday Service" that took place this past weekend.

A clip from the September 1 "Sunday Service" gathering in Watts, CA, captured by Twitter user @J0rgeCastr0 shows West scratching at his ear before putting his fingers to his mouth quickly afterwards.

While West's move looked innocuous enough, @J0rgeCastr0's clip soon went viral after he alleged the rapper was eating his own earwax. Naturally, the ensuing pile-on was filled with West detractors, in addition to those willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Multiple users pointed out that West appeared to grasp at his earlobe, rather than rifle a finger down his ear canal. Others suggested it was simply a smooth move to remove chewing gum from his mouth. Others saw the move as another stroke of genius from West, with one user even going as far as to quote the man himself. West is believed to be readying an album titled Jesus Is King for release on September 27, as per a tracklist shared by Kim Kardashian last week.

News of that effort arrives after a number of tracks believed to be from West's long-awaited Yandhi album found their way online last month. His last solo album was 2018's ye.

Recently, West produced a pair of new singles for Pusha-T, titled "Sociopath" and "Coming Home." Last month, he was spotted hanging out with the crew of Rick and Morty.