Reel Big Fish We're Not Happy ‘Til You're Not Happy

Say what you will about Reel Big Fish (and you probably have), but the fact remains that this third-wave ska band has at least two, if not three, great albums in their cannon of work. Yet no cannon, not even the world’s biggest and scariest, would change the fact that this record is unforgivably bad. Just like former label mates Goldfinger, who jumped the shark a few records back, Reel Big Fish have had no business creating music since their last piece of recorded garbage, 2002’s Cheer Up. Yet here they are again, taking up valuable resources, like plastic, to ensure that unsuspecting fans of the band’s earlier work must suffer needlessly at the hand of their endlessly crappy hooks and stupid lyrics. This album make me unhappy. Congratulations, assholes. (Sony)