Red Fang "The Meadows" (video)

Red Fang 'The Meadows' (video)
You'd never guess by the mud-caked metal sludge served up in Red Fang's recent "The Meadows" single, but the Portland band can tidy themselves up when need be. For proof, you can witness the dapper doom-bringers enjoy some fine dining in new video for the track.

Adorned in fancy formal wear, the group lick their chops and wax their moustaches as platters of no doubt pricey foodstuffs are served their way at an elegant eatery. Perhaps pairing nicely with the raw and rugged riffs is a course of oysters, while the band also eyeball gourmet grilled corn before marching down the street for a more low-key pizza meal. If you ever wanted to look inside Red Fang's food-filled mouths, this video is a godsend.

If you've got the stomach for it, you can feast your eyes on the foodie foursome's new video down below.