The Mountain Goats "The Legend of Chavo Guerrero" (video)

The Mountain Goats 'The Legend of Chavo Guerrero' (video)
In case the point hasn't been piledrived into yet, John Darnielle's latest Mountain Goats record, Beat the Champ, features a wrestling theme. As such, the new video for "The Legend of Chavo Guerrero," has been given a sports entertainment-modelled set of visuals that recall the glory days of Wrestlemania promos.

Directed by Scott Jacobson, the video has members of Mountain Goats, comics Rob Corddry and Ted Travelstead, and real-life grappler Chavo Guerrero taking part in a histrionic tribute to old-school wrestling machismo.

We see Corddry dolled up as a "Mean" Gene Okerlund-type broadcaster, as well as a feather boa-wearing heel. One shades-sporting baddie is seen using his interview time tearing up pictures of your granny. These are just a few of the chest-beating ring tacticians we meet. 

Elsewhere, a big match has Guerrero laying the smackdown on some fools, and we get to meet the potentially Twin Peaks obsessed tag-team, the Log Boys.

If you've already worn out your old Betamax recordings of The Brother Love Show or The Barber Shop, you might just want to keep this latest Mountain Goats vid handy if you need a fix. You'll find the video down below.