The Mountain Goats "Heel Turn 2"

The Mountain Goats 'Heel Turn 2'
The Mountain Goats are exploring the weird and wonderful world of pro wrestling with their new album Beat the Champ, and now they've shared another cut from the collection in the form of "Heel Turn 2."

The phrase "heel turn" refers to a wrestling character's switch from good guy to villain, and the lyrics of this folk-rock tune explore this personality change. Most of it isn't explicitly about wrestling, since it describes a loss of innocence and the need to get ahead of life. It ends with a lengthy passage of unaccompanied piano.

The song premiered on episode 63 the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. The episode can be streamed on downloaded for free on iTunes; the song starts at the 20-minute mark.

Beat the Champ is out on April 7 on Merge.