Modern Merchant "Twin Channel" (video)

Modern Merchant 'Twin Channel' (video)
Brooklyn-via-Connecticut unit Modern Merchant released their latest album Virtues earlier this year, and to keep the momentum going, Exclaim! has got your first look at the video for the record's "Twin Channel." 

The new material hears the three-piece testing the limitations of their instruments and genre boundaries, resulting in collisions of pop, rock, psychedelia and the blues. It's work that becomes more dynamic still when brought to life with visuals, and the band have proved that with the new clip for "Twin Channel."
The video is void of colour and elegant in its simplicity. A lone dancer interprets the introductory verse, stretching wider as the song progresses in attempt to fill the growing soundscape. When the song expands into too many layers for just one body to portray, the dancer is joined by others. They move slowly and purposefully through the white space, reaching out towards one another but never intertwining — ultimately unable to connect in the destitute setting. Set to Modern Merchant's somber rhythms and melancholic crooning, the visuals evoke a chilling sense of loneliness.
Watch the bleak but beautiful routine in the player below.