The Lucky Ones The Booze Sessions

Simplistic and instinctual, The Booze Sessions proves that even though most punk rock veterans have become disillusioned and jaded, there are still a few old schoolers embracing the thrill and recklessness of upbeat, pop-influenced punk rock and its inherent revelry. Living up to its name, the album's ten tracks revolve around little more than drinking and the fun, frolic and frenzy it can cause. Delivered in a style that subtlety mixes aspects of formative British punk, hints of Boston's Celt scene, doses of Rancid's aggressive, albeit enthusiastic, virility and an endless onslaught of chant-alongs and rousing choruses, The Booze Sessions is nothing but raucous fun and a hard kick in the pants we overly serious rockers have needed for a long, long time. (Stumble)