Listen to Bright Eyes' The People's Key Now on

Listen to Bright Eyes' <i>The People's Key</i> Now on
While it's now commonplace to find indie acts like Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens experiencing mainstream success, Omaha, NE heroes Bright Eyes were one of the first indie rock bands to achieve that sort of affluence in the last two decades. That's why the four-year gap between 2007's Cassadaga and the band's upcoming The People's Key has felt like an eternity for the group's ravenous fans.

The People's Key will be hitting stores on February 15 via Saddle Creek, but we know how hard the wait has been for you, so we've arranged free stream of the entire album right here for the next week.

The record is the seventh Bright Eyes full-length and the first with the new core lineup of Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis and Nathaniel Walcott. It was recorded by Mogis with help from Andy LeMaster in the band's own ARC Studios in Omaha and features guest appearances from Cursive's Matt Maginn, Autolux's Carla Azar and the Faint's Clark Baechle, among others.

When The People's Key was first announced, Oberst turned heads when he announced that it would feature less of the band's patented indie-folk-rock hybrid. "I wanted to make a record that was modern-sounding and steer clear of some of my tendencies, melodically," he said. "We're over the Americana, rootsy, whatever that sound is. People say country, but I never thought were very country at all. But whatever that element is or that aesthetic is, I guess it's worn a little thin for me these days. So we very much wanted it to be rocking and, for lack of a better term, contemporary, or modern."

Hear it for yourself: The People's Key will be streaming on until February 14.

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