Lioness "The Night" (video)

Lioness 'The Night' (video)
Lioness recently shared a horror-themed video for "Temptation," and promised that another creepy clip would arrive in time for Halloween. As promised, the music video for "The Night" is here.

The shadowy dance rock track from The Golden Killer serves as the soundtrack to a eerie scene that features sinister cupcakes, a ghoulish abduction, and a monstrous transformation followed by a bloody killing rampage.

The clip was directed by Lionees drummer Jeff Scheven. A press release explains, "The original concept was to create a grindhouse inspired trailer for a for a mock horror film where a group of girlfriends go on a camping trip that goes awry. During the process of filming the video Scheven, came to see the project as a whole 'different monster.' He's now cultivating the seed of this music video into a feature length horror film."