​Kwela Premieres New Song "Shooting Star"

​Kwela Premieres New Song 'Shooting Star'
Soweto-born, Toronto-based artist Kwela has just dropped a new track called "Shooting Star" via Pirate's Blend.
Kwela's music has always incorporated his own take on the African experience, and been delivered through his unique perspective. On the latest track, he goes beyond his own experience and writes a narrative from the perspective of numerous characters — like a Zimbabwean guitarist named Vincent, who is working in Johannesburg as a gardener.
"It reads like an anthology, a letter to immigrants and dreamers, a note to self and an elegy written around a time of grieving a mother and brother," a press release explains. "It celebrates the dearly departed, memory, healing in a foreign city and kept up by a dreamy reality."
Hear that story woven into song by streaming "Shooting Star" below.