José González In Our Nature Remixes

José González <i>In Our Nature Remixes</i>
Currently making his way across Canada and then onto the rest of the world with his traveling, eco-friendly green machine, Swedish acoustic guitarslinger José González has gathered up some remixes to celebrate the occasion.

The In Our Nature Remixes EP lifts three tracks from last year’s critically acclaimed In Our Nature , showing just because this Swede has a penchant for light-as-a-feather acoustic balladry, he can’t be subject to the obligatory group of remixes.

There aren’t many surprises to this four-song companion. "Killing For Love” is tackled twice; Beatfanatic gives the single a standard issue European club vibe, with fat springing beats, carefully inserted percussion, a chunky bass line and some housey piano riffing; Todd Terje’s "Brokeback Mix,” on the other hand,” goes for pure Balearic ambience, mixing in some samba magic and Eastern-flavoured guitars soaked in delay. Landberg and Skogehall’s take on "In Our Nature” turns the snow-soft original into a batch of light, oozing techno, which surprisingly works better than the more predictable fare of the other two.

However, the best of the bunch is Pechenga’s "Nord-Noska Mix” of "How Low,” a brooding slice of avant-electro that fits in somewhere between the Knife and Burial. The production sounds as if González himself recorded the song miles below the Earth’s surface in a damp cave, as his original track is presented in its entirety but surrounded by disorientating reverberation and hollowed out echo effects.

You can listen to the EP in its entirety by clicking here. You can also buy it at iTunes or if you’re lucky, grab one of the 500 vinyl copies his Swedish label Imperial are selling here.

José González plays the Park Theatre in Winnipeg tonight (July 2), and finishes his stint in Canada tomorrow (July 3) at the Ottawa Bluesfest.